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The homemade gnocchi in the the cherry tomato sauce was absolutely delicious. Others had the veal ragu, salmon w/orange sauce, and chicken parm. Everyone loved the food. The tapenade served with the focaccia is so good. The tiramisu is outstanding.
Tammy Semega
The food was fantastic. This is a brand new restaurant. I hope everyone will try it and give it the support it needs to succeed. It looked like they are planning to have a bar not sure when. We had Carpaccio, Zuppa, Veal Ragu, Fettuccine Alfredo, and Tiramisu. I would recommend everything. Can’t wait to go back and try everything else.
Chris Risner
This was my first time eating here. I have to say the food was very good. The ingredients tasted fresh no corners where cut.
Justin Carpenter
The food was very flavorful and the service was great!
We stopped in for a late lunch on Saturday and were pleasantly surprised. All the dishes ester Taft, served at the right temperature and seasoned perfectly! Nothing was too salty or too bland. All the staff were very pleasant and attentive to our needs. We will definitely go back to check out more dishes!! Don't have their liquor license yet but it wasn't really missed.
Chaz C.
White Plains, MD
Amazing Ristorante! The customer service was great, Delmy was very professional and all staff was kind and made me feel very comfortable. The food temperature was right and it was delicious! I would definitely recommend you go try some of their dishes.
Marlyn P.
Aspen Hill, MD
Friendly staff but the food tastes just okay, it's bland, nothing to write home about. It's pricey for the serving size and the atmosphere is more the fill of a cafeteria. The food looks better than it tastes.
Alyssa G.
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